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Why upgrade? Because your doctors are blind to 25-40% of the GI tract

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Upgrade to Saneso and give your doctors a complete 360º view of the GI tract

Physicians are acutely aware that current endoscopes, with a limited 140º-170º field of view, are unable to view large parts of the GI tract and miss 25-40% of polyps and other lesions . Doctors and patients agree that this current standard of care is unacceptable. The Saneso endoscope platform, with an integrated 360º field of view and groundbreaking technological advancements, offers a superior alternative to traditional endoscope platforms.
If you are managing a hospital, ASC or endoscopy center that wishes to provide cutting edge care, attract new patients and grow revenue, the Saneso endoscopy platform gives you a competitive advantage. Saneso provides an advanced 360º platform at a competitive price point.